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Why Going Back In Time Will Make You A Better Architect, says it all: “Looking back in time can make you a better architect and can help you rediscover your passion for design.

Workshop- Material-Form-Architecture

The two days workshop on MATERIAL-FORM-ARCHITECTURE for First-year students on 10th and 11th of December 2018. The workshop was conducted by Ar. Hemant Wala, an eminent architect from CEPT University, Ahmedabad had published numerous articles and research papers with 36 years of professional and teaching experience. Students explored various materials to understand its impact on form, scale, detailing and articulation in Architecture

Teacher's Day

"The role of the teacher is like the proverbial 'ladder', it is used by everyone to climb up life, but the ladder itself stays in its place" - A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
Teachers' Day celebration at Nehru School of Architecture on 05-09-2018

Orientation Programme

Orientation programme for our fourth batch students conducted by Mr.Erastus Rabah on 30-08-2018. The idea was to motivate activities and zeal in building student pride, sense of social involvement in fresh students for the upcoming five years of their graduation programme

Rural Study @ Kadathur, Udumalpet.

As a part of the 2nd Year Syllabus, students have gone for a village documentation at Kadathur, Udumalpet. The study includes the documentation of village along with the study of its History, Origin, Development, Cultural, Religious and Architectural Characteristics. This helps the student to understand and analyse the development of a settlement pattern and its contribution in the society.